About Tyres
The tyres on your vehicle are one of its most important components. That’s why, at Shurlock Row Garages, we are committed to ensuring your tyres are both safe and legal.

Tyre Safety
We’re all aware that tyre failures can be serious and sometimes fatal. With this in mind, it is important to getting in the habit of visually inspecting your vehicle’s tyres regularly for sidewall bulges, tread depth and checking air pressures. After all, a tyre pressure gauge is a lot cheaper than a new set of tyres or an accident.

The correct inflated pressure will makes tyres last longer and it improves the vehicle’s fuel economy. Assuming that the wheels are properly aligned, under-inflation causes the tyres’ shoulders to wear faster than the centers, and over-inflation makes the center strips go bald earlier than the shoulders. Your owner’s handbook will recommend the correct pressure for your vehicle’s tyres.

Worn tyres may work okay in dry weather, but they can become extremely dangerous in wet weather conditions. Periodically inspect the sidewalls for cracking or splitting. Old tyres, even with low mileage, can be dangerous because the rubber cracks and hardens over time. Tyres over five years old should be changed.

Blowouts can be fatal!

Top Tyre Tips

  • All tyres slowly deflate over a period of time, therefore tyre pressures should be checked every 2-3 weeks.
  • Tyre pressures should only be checked when they are cold. Your vehicle’s recommended tyre pressures will be given in the vehicle’s handbook.
  • Although the minimum amount of tread required for a car to be roadworthy is 1.6 mm, it’s wise to replace tyres at 2 mm, as wet-weather grip is diminished when there is only a small amount of tread.
  • To check tread depth, put a match head into the tread grooves, and if any part of the head shows above the grooves it’s time to replace the tyre. Tread depth guages can also be used and purchased at a car accessory store.
  • It is recommended to regularly check tyres for wear such as tears or bruises/bulges on sidewalls as well as embedded objects like nails or stones as they may lead to a puncture.
  • To keep water and dirt out of tyre valves, replace missing tyre valve caps.
  • And most importantly with all these checks …Don’t forget the spare tyre, you never know when you may need it!
  • Regular wheel balances ensure your tyres run smoothly on the road which helps to improve your vehicle’s control, especially on wet roads.
  • Wheel alignments/tracking and rotations maximise the life of your tyres by ensuring your tyres wear evenly.
  • Match the same tyre treads on the same axle. Different brands grip differently which can cause handling problems if mismatched.

We have access to a large variety of manufacturers tyres through our supplier and we are more than happy to quote. Contact us today on 01189 343354  to obtain your quotation or to arrange a booking to have your tyres supplied and fitted by us.