Cambelts are located at the front of most modern engines. They link the crankshaft to the cam/s. Most vehicle engines have a Cambelt (Timing Belt). When the crankshaft turns the cambelt turns the cam shaft/s. The belt has a series of rubber/type teeth that fit into gears. The belt turns the camshaft/s, the camshaft open and closes the engine valves.
Why cambelts need to be changed
Cambelts will deteriorate with age and use. The teeth and belt can break. If the cambelt looses tension or suffers damage, the timing of the engine can change and cause major damage to the internal parts of the engine. This can happen without warning and leave you stranded, possibly a long way from home and then you have the added cost of onward travel and recovery.

Each vehicle manufacturer states when the belt should be replaced (where applicable) and we recommend that you check your vehicles handbook or contact us on 01189 343354 and we can advise the manufacturers recommended cambelt change due date/mileage and quote you for a replacement.

The cost of having a cambelt changed can be far less than the cost of not having it changed!