Air Conditioning Re-Gas

Giving you a comfortable drive!

We have the experience and equipment required to keep your car’s air conditioning running and maintained in peak condition throughout the year.

You will find that most car air conditioning systems lose refrigerant over a period of time which will lead to:

  • Inefficient cabin cooling
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Deterioration and failure of expensive components
  • Bacterial, fungal and mould growth

As the refrigerant carries the oil needed to lubricate the system the chances of component failure increase when refrigerant charges decline. To keep your vehicle’s air conditioning system in tip-top condition, you should have it regularly checked preferably every year. We recommend that you use the air conditioning for a minimum of 60 minutes every month. Routine servicing of your vehicle’s air conditioning system (including renewing the refrigerant and oils) will enhance its performance and cut running costs.

It is important to affect repairs immediately to a leaking or non-functioning system. A leaking system not only allows refrigerant to escape but it also absorbs moisture and other pollutants. These in turn quickly lead to internal corrosion and blockages – act quickly and it will save you money!

Have your air conditioning system maintained today by Shurlock Row Garages at a competitive price of £55.00 + VAT OR £45.00+ VAT when you have your vehicle serviced at the same time by us.