Service Manager – Bob Hill

Bob Hill - Service ManagerBob Hill joined Shurlock Row Garages as Service Manager back in March 1998. Bob’s career has mostly been in the motor industry having left school to join Catlins Ford in Chesham as a junior apprentice mechanic.

From Catlins, Bob moved on to the Rootes Group at Little Chalfont as a trained mechanic and enjoyed his time there. Looking to further his career, Bob moved on to Jaguar and became a mechanic at the Jaguar dealership in Chorleywood, whilst also taking his PSV licence to assist the dealership.

A thorough enjoyment of driving coaches, he passed his PSV licence and became a coach driver for some time then taking the role as traffic controller at a coach firm in High Wycombe.

After meeting his wife whilst being a coach driver, Bob wanted to take a step back from the miles of coach driving and being traffic controller so looked to take a career back in the motor industry, which is when he joined Shurlock Row at their service department in Shurlock Row village.  The service department was a thrive of activity, dealing with Skoda new and used cars, warranty claims and routine maintenance. Bob has also seen the change in franchises and has continued to controll all aspects of the service department, albeit today, Bob doesn’t have any franchised dealer to work with but is still kept busy with the running of a busy service department catering for the local community.